Alliance with Universidad Tecnológica de Honduras

In a momentous stride towards educational empowerment and community advancement, the Hispanic Chamber of Commerce of Louisiana (HCCL) and the Universidad Tecnológica de Honduras (UTH) have inked a significant agreement. The collaboration, represented by Mayra Pineda, Executive President of HCCL, and Roger D. Valladares, President of UTH, promises to cultivate academic, scientific, and cultural synergies between Honduras and Louisiana.

UTH, renowned for its commitment to superior education, envisions nurturing professionals to drive economic and social progress in Honduras. This newly forged partnership signifies a pivotal juncture in expanding educational avenues and development initiatives for the Hispanic community across both regions. The accord pledges an array of benefits poised to enrich the lives of Hispanic youth in Honduras and Louisiana alike.

One of the primary objectives of this collaboration is to bolster educational opportunities through various channels. The Polytechnic Center of the North, under this partnership, will promote secondary education for Honduran residents in the North American city of Louisiana. Simultaneously, UTH will facilitate higher education pathways, student exchanges, training programs, and joint events—catering to the shared objectives of both institutions.

Furthermore, the commitment extends to providing special discounts for individuals affiliated with the Hispanic Chamber of Commerce. This strategic alliance aims to foster the development of activities specifically tailored to benefit the Hispanic community. It also includes initiatives to enhance bilingualism, offering educational projects in both English and Spanish to equip students with proficiency in both languages.

The coming days herald a cascade of opportunities and advantages as the collaboration between HCCL and UTH solidifies. UTH’s relentless dedication to its student body and the wider community ensures a steadfast commitment to uplifting the Hispanic community’s prospects.

The delegation representing HCCL on this momentous journey comprises esteemed individuals from various organizations, such as Jenny & Ronnie Mains, Lisa Meeks from CRC Global Solutions and CRC We Care, Ana Hands, Claudia Medina, and Ana Kattan from Ochsner Health, Marvin Saborio from Gulf Coast Bank & Trust Co., Laura Mellem and Adrian Lopez-Salazar from Port of New Orleans, Jose Garcia from Televizion, and Staton McNeely, Armine Shahoyan, and Roy Salgado from the University of Holy Cross. Their collective presence underscores the significance of this collaboration and highlights the diverse support garnered from multifaceted sectors for the betterment of the Hispanic community.

This partnership between HCCL and UTH is not merely an agreement on paper; it symbolizes a commitment to tangible action, fostering a robust foundation for educational growth, cultural exchange, and community development. As the collaboration unfolds, it is poised to become a beacon of hope and progress for the Hispanic community in both Honduras and Louisiana, showcasing the power of collaboration in shaping a brighter future for generations to come.

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